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Space issues #2.

Space issues #2.

READING: Hydrogen cars won't be marketable "until 2020", says VW

Interesting stuff from @matt_burt_ on why hydrogen isn’t quite the great white hope some believe. If it does arrive, it’ll be in range extenders, believes VW: a fuel cell replaces the petrol engine. Makes a lot of sense.

READING: Top 10 Car Designs by J Mays

Love the Avus still. Pity Audi only put the wheels into production. 

READING: Nissan's Carlos Ghosn has a point: Leaving the EU doesn't make any sense for the UK Car Industry at least

@dgbailey explains why there’s plenty in what Ghosn said at the Qashqai reveal.

READING: Manufacturers back electric vehicles despite slow global sales | @Autocar

VW privately believes only plug-ins (and range extenders?) have widespread chance of success. Right now, hard to argue with this.

If batteries improve enough to make carting round a heavy old engine pointless and daft, that’ll be the tipping point. But those improvements are a long way off.

There’s always fuel cells, though…

WRITING: Forza 5 and Audi

READING: Turbo - just the boost F1 needs

1500hp! Probably more…

READING: The best way to find cheap car parts | @Autocar

Enjoyed this @theseoldcars blog. A GTA!